StarryShine Self Sealing Pouch 2 1/4 x 5


StarryShine Self Sealing Pouch 2 1/4 x 5


Self Sealing Sterilzation Pouch 2 1/4″ x 5″

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StarryShines next generation self seal and see through pouch comes with:

  • 4 indicator ink imprint, two inside and two outside of the pouch.
  • Printing is eliminated on the paper area to provide full access to sterilization process.
  • Paper is from a European manufacturer, one of the best quality paers for a pouch paper.
  • Comes with an extra notch on top to simplify opening the pouch. Ink used in the printing is water based, and non toxic.
  • FDA approved. EO gas and Steam indicators.
  • All boxes are packed with 200 pcs/box.

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