APOF - Small Wood Plank


APOF – Small Wood Plank


Synthetic tattoo-able skin, shaped like realistic limbs as well as plaques and planks.

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From A Pound of Flesh: Try your hand at new techniques without the risk of making mistakes on valued clients, and create a masterpiece for showcasing with our Gallery Series Plank. Our Gallery Series are distinguished by a rustic wood frame with a silicone and rubber-based tattoo-able surface inset. Potential clients can admire your unique work, enhanced by a rustic wood frame.

  • Overall: ~8″ all around
  • Tattoo-able Surface: ~7″ all around
  • Part of our unique, rustic gallery series
  • Thick and durable for sturdy handling and balance
  • Made with silicone and rubber-based materials
  • Functions as a framed canvas for showcasing and display

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Weight 0.6875 lbs
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