Germ Free Hands 24 Sanitizer


Germ Free Hands 24 Sanitizer


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This hand sanitizer is poison-free and drug-free. The active ingredient forms an invisible, odorless, moisturizing layer that continues to kill germs through 10 hand washings! Does not kill with alcohol!

The active ingredient in Germ Free Hands 24 is totally unique in effectiveness and application. It forms an invisible, odorless, moisturizing layer that will continue to kill germs for up to 24 hours. Rather than using strong poisons like other hand sanitizers, Germ Free Hands 24 uses a process called “lyses” to rupture the cell wall of microorganisms, causing them to explode or implode harmlessly by the millions.

It’s a poison-free, drug-free process that kills the germs naturally so the germs cannot develop a resistance. This process continues hour after hour, so germs are instantly destroyed on contact with your hands!

  • Antimicrobial activity remains through a minimum of TEN hand washings
  • Sanitizes skin & nails on contact – Effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, mold, yeast & spores.
  • Clean, pleasant fragrance; no overpowering fumes
  • Moisturizes the skin & prevents drying, redness & chapping: no alcohol!
  • Water based product is non-flammable; use it anywhere, under any conditions
  • Easy, rapid, spray application
  • Colorless product will not stain skin or clothing

Most conventional hand sanitizers are gels comprised of ethyl alcohol in a thickened organic base. Their activity is primarily antibacterial, not antimicrobial, and is limited to their presence on the skin which immediately stops when evaporated from the skin. After application, they leave the skin surface very susceptible to reinfection. Their antibacterial properties are not persistent after application – Germ Free Hands 24 will keep working for up to 24 hours.

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